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Dimitri Anastopoulos

Dimitri currently acts as our managing partner. With a Legal and Business background, he brings the entrepreneurship and hands-on attitude he developed across the span of 20+ years career in Law Firms and while holding managerial positions during 15 years in Greece and in Spain in various generating demand roles.

Professionally fluent in 4 languages (Spanish, French, English and Greek), he has a proven track record of launching breakthrough solutions to commercial challenges and loves putting a diverse skillset to work, in order to deliver growth and revenue increase through purpose-driven activities and community engagement.

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  • We bring new skills to the game


  • We communicate with all stakeholders in their native language

  • We blend various fields of expertise and a business mindset, applied to the primary sector.

Our team

Our team loves to nurture partnerships to capitalise on adding-value activities collectively. We focus on the premium and sustainable agro-alimentary & gourmet food industry, to meet existing end-consumers’ expectations and increase market demand, especially by bringing producers & end-consumers closer together, through innovative adding-value activities

We chose to establish collaborations that will be maintained in time and form a complete ecosystem of partnerships.

Managing a smaller structure allows to be very agile and to move fast to our clients' benefit.


We remain close to our customers across the Mediterranean, from the largest producing regions to the most exclusive terroirs.


Let us show you how, by discussing a project of yours. Contact us!

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