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OLIDAY: Interactive Symposium by Nileas

Very grateful to have participated as a speaker at the OLIDAY event, organized by the Olive Oil Cooperative NILEAS on September 29th and 30th along with a multitude of high-level speakers: UJA Professor Mr. Roberto García Ruiz, Margherita Bovicelli (from the cultural organization The Routes of the Olive Tree), Dimitri Mathiopoulou (CEO of, Giorgos Kostelenos (Agronomist and CEO of and Mr Vicky Igglezou (Project Manager Nileas).

Representing DPA Business Consulting, Dimitri Anastopoulos presented the need for the Greek olive sector to maintain an extroverted attitude towards the other producing countries, since, not being competitors among ourselves, we have much more to share, learn and improve.

Just before the presentations, an unprecedented hedonistic tasting of EVOO from the still unknown early harvest Mavrolia variety took place (harvested on September 25th) with 14 professional tasters joining the session.

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