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Paxos island Vs Xylella Fastidiosa

On Wednesday 15th of February, invited by the local Mayor Mr.Spyros Vlachopoulos, we participated to a fruitful encounter about the future of #Paxos island (#Greece) , focusing the discussion on:

1) the potential threat that poses the bacterium #xylella fastidiosa to Paxos' island, and

2) the opportunity to develop Paxos´ #extravirginoliveoil production.

We were honoured by the participation of the Paxos Olive Oil Cooperative, other local mills, farmers, producers, agronomists and representatives from the #tourism and #hospitality industry. Together we made this a truly #collaborative #effort, thank you!

Under the framework “#awareness -#prevention -#preparedness”, what came out of the discussion is:

1) we need to establish an ecosystem of collaborations as to create a set of joint activities between the Public and the Private sector

2) Xylella Fastidiosa is not only a threat to the primary sector (olive oil production) but to the island as a whole

3) the commercialisation of high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Paxos can indeed constitute an economically viable solution for the protection and conservation of Paxos island.

Thanks again to all for joining us to this highly-constructive 1st dialogue. Can’t wait till the next one!

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